Navigating COVID19

Here I was at the beginning of the year telling myself I’m going to staying in on NYE make myself a wonderful home made meal and watch a movie. The next morning I had planned to create a vision board for what I wanted in 2020.. Fast forward to March 16 when my job announced we closing due to the stay at home order rule put in place. Then fast forward another 3 months and I cue, “Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored” (If you don't know what that is.. look it up). To be honest in the beginning of all this I wasn’t bored, I was anxious AF (Sorry Mom, Sorry JC) it was me just scrolling through social media in panic, turning the tv on and more panic, then friends sending me new updates every hour and I was filled with anxiety and fear.

"Thankfully I transitioned my fear into faith”

While this wasn’t exactly easy I had to tell a couple of my friends to stop sending me things. I had to get off my phone as well as turn the TV off. Sitting alone in my apartment I realized that prior to this pandemic all I did was complain about all the time I didn’t have and why I couldn’t do x,y, and z to now having all the time in the world. While I’m so blessed and fortunate to be still be working I had to embrace this time of stillness. I’ve been sitting and reflecting on who I am and what I want to be. I’m notorious for rushing through my personal checklist thinking of the future but here I was having no idea what was next and reminded just to be present.

After 5 years I reunited with my sewing machine, I read some really good books (Becoming by Michelle Obama, Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, Relationship Goals by Pastor Micheal Todd, Praying Through by Pastor Jarrett Stevens, The Chiffon Trenches by Andre Leon Talley, Work Party by Jaclyn Johnson I started dancing again, I created Navigating Jas, I workout daily, and spend so much time with God reading the bible, studying sermons, and devotionals. Lastly, I’ve prayed in ways I’ve never prayed before..Sitting and just listening.

I also lost my Grandma as she was suffered from dementia and passed during the pandemic. We weren't able to hold a proper funeral for her. My grandpa lost his wife and this saddens me because his PIC is gone. My cousin lost his beautiful premature baby boy Trice, he fought to hold on. Friends and family members lost their jobs some have no income coming in. I sat at home alone missing my family and FaceTime sometimes is not enough.

African Americans are not only suffering from COVID19 but also loosing their love ones to police brutality, murder, and racism.

COVID 19 is reminding us what is right in front of us, and how sometimes we take these things for granted. We’re having to do things entirely different than ever before and find new ways to connect while staying safe. It’s a constant reminder that we never know what tomorrow holds but how we must be something bigger than ourselves everyday.

Ess. 12:9-14

Here are some things that I’ve been personally doing during the pandemc.

1. Build your very own floral arrangement. Stop by your local grocery store and treat yourself to some flowers and make yourself an arrangement. Not into flowers? Then arrange one for someone else and deliver them to their doorstep and leave an encouraging note.

2. Redecorate/ Organize Can’t stand that annoying blank wall in your house any longer? Head over to Pinterest and get inspired. Turn to websites like Wayfair and All Modern to purchase your next piece of furniture or wall art. These websites also offer a payment plan that allows you to pay your items off in installments, which is great for times like this. Also, organize your closet and add it on Poshmark for extra $$ (make that your side hustle) also cut people a deal money’s tight right now.

3. Walk, Bike, and Exercise First off let me start by saying it’s ok not to do any of these it’s also ok to choose to skip a day if you’re on a crazy 5 day streak like me. I’ve been so hard on myself and had to remember to relax and stop working yourself up about all my fitness goals. On the days you can build up the energy go for a walk.. and while you’re out venture out. Support your local studios and do a $5 drop in class. If you’re a Sculpt person I have someone for you! Check out @brittneydepola IG live classes, free but give her a generous donation bc she’ll whip you into shape. Walk for 5-6 miles if you can, you won’t regret it. I hopped on a bike recently after who knows how long and discovered all the parks in and around the city. Rent one or see if you can borrow a friends. If you’re in Lansing or Okemos area stop by my Moms (my sisters not using hers)

4. Meditate, Yoga, or Bible Study If I’m being honest I’m still working on the meditation part.. I keep falling asleep or constantly thinking of every little thing I didn’t do. But even if it’s just for 5 mins, do a quick breathing exercises and you’ll be doing yourself a favor. All my yogis where you at?! If you haven’t tried yoga don’t knock it quite yet. Yoga builds your core and is great for stretching! ESP if you’ve been in the same position all day..... yeah I’m talking to you. For all my soul friends out there I was recently introduced to She Reads Truth. When trying to read the Bible I honestly would read a couple of sentences and think, “Whaaat” SRT has it translated in ways that makes it 10x more helpful AND has a $20 a month subscription box that comes with a monthly booklet that you can read alone or virtually with the SRT tribe

5. Lastly, Books! While I've been working during the pandemic and it’s a little harder for me to pick up my book throughout the day so I definitely went ahead and purchased Audible and let me tell you, hearing some of the authors narrate their stories is just priceless!

While things are starting to reopen, I never want to forget these small moments and the time I gained. It's taught me to really re-evaluate my priorties and how I rank them. My relationship with God grew during those 3 months because I MADE time for him.

Cant find the time? Make the time for the things and people you love.

Stay Inspired and Stay Safe!

Xx Jas

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