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Welcome to Navigating Jas!

Hi! I'm so excited to share this project that's been weighing on my heart for some time now. I created Navigating Jas to simply share my story hoping we can connect, break barriers and navigate life with the help of each other.

For me the title "Influencer" primarily focuses on the glitz and glam throughout life but fails to show some of the disappointment we go through as women on top of the confusion, and hardships. I found myself looking for an influencer who looked like me, shared great outfit tips and other great resources, like a soul-filled podcast or a great prayer book.. and there just wasn’t a ton of that out there. So I created this as a safe space to share and hopefully influence the other person looking for the same.

What is Navigating Jas?

“Not all who wander are lost

Every time I see this quote on a canvas in the wall art section of “Home Goods”, I stop and stare. Thinking about, how if you're not wandering, then you're never lost. I'm simply living life through a foundation that my parents set, my experiences working in Corporate America, and the influence of pop culture. And to be honest... all of this combined leaves me VERY lost and confused"

I don't have the answer, nor do I know everything, but I can share my story and past experiences. Hoping to show the next girl thinking, "Wait, I'm suppose to do what?" that they’re definitely not alone.This is for all of us who are "lost" and this is me, navigating the world through the lens of Jas.

I can't want wait to navigate life with you, and peel back all the layers that makes us all so unique! While some would say 2020 has been a nightmare... I think this is just the beginning of us realizing that we need to be intentional about everything we do. From speaking up in the workplace to talking about social injustice issues, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us. I believe this year will really force all of us to grow to make us comfortable in uncomfortable spaces.

“After joining a small group I bravely threw out the, "Is it me or does anyone ELSE feel...", I started to see that it wasn't just me having trouble navigating life

Get to know Jas

Frequently asked Q’s

Where do you live/from? I was born and raised in Lansing, MI (city of the state capital, fun fact) I’ve lived in Cincinnati, OH for 3 years, and now I’m currently residing in Chicago, IL. It was one of my childhood dreams to live here in the city!

I hear an accent? Yea, I get that a lot. While I wish I was from Jamaica or Nigeria I am not. I have moderate to serve hearing loss. Born with it and parents didn’t discover it until I was the age of 6. We’ll get into that later

What’s one word to describe yourself? To describe myself using one word, I’d say creative. I love to create whether it’s fashion, interior design, dancing, cooking. I have just about every creative bone in my body.

If money didn’t matter, what would your dream job be? Hmm that’s a good one, I’d say be a fashion editor. I used to watch The Hills dream of working for Teen Vogue. Now I’d someday like to have my own magazine that reflects life in all shapes and sizes, colors, and beliefs. I envision it like a vision board cutting up things that speak to you, pasting down your wants and ambitions, and hanging it up for you to confess and believe in every day. Then change it up a little bit the following month because you found another purpose or vision for yourself, cutting it up and pasting that on there too. I grow and evolve every

Thanks for stopping by!


Get Inspired

There's a lot to unfold so I hope your'e coming along for the ride.

Outfit details: Bodysuit | Jeans (Similar, same fit) | Heels | Bag (Similar) Hoops

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