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Navigating ME!

Navigating LIFE!

Navigating MY STORY!

"Not all who wander are lost"


Every time I see this quote on a canvas in the wall art section of “Home Goods", I stop and stare. Thinking about, how if you're not wandering, then you're never lost. I'm simply living life through a foundation that my parents set, my experiences working in Corporate America, and the influence of pop culture. And to be honest... all of this combined leaves me VERY lost and confused. 


After joining a small group I bravely threw out the, "Is it me or does anyone ELSE feel...", I started to see that it wasn't just me having trouble navigating life. While pop culture really focuses more on the Instagram side of, "Instagram vs. Reality", I wanted to create a space where we can touch more on the reality side, even if that is feeling lost or saying how we really feel out loud.

I don't have the answer, nor do I know everything, but I can share my story and past experiences. Hoping to show the next girl thinking, "Wait, I'm suppose to do what?”, that they’re definitely not alone.


This is for all of us who are "lost" and this is me, navigating the world through the lens of Jas.

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