"This is for all of us who are "lost" ... this is me, navigating the world through the lens of Jas"

Welcome to Navigating Jas!

Hi! I'm so excited to share this project that's been weighing on my heart for some time now. I created Navigating Jas to simply share my story hoping we can connect, break barriers, and navigate life with the help of each other. 



My emotions are all over the place, I’m angry, I’m hurt, I’m sad, I’m overwhelmed.


I read more on how I am navigating life through these difficult times. 

Navigating being deaf

As some of you may know or don’t know.. I’m deaf. I suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss, so in other words, the microwave beeping after your food’s done, can’t hear it.


After years of me learning how to navigate life with my hearing loss, it’s now something that I’ve finally accepted about myself. 

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